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This website may or may not have anything to do with Cannabis, marijuana, weed, or whatever you want to call it. You may or may not find anything about edibles or medibles, Cannabis edibles or marijuana edibles or anything else on this page.

The truth is that we need to talk about a few things and the weed can wait.

First, you should probably see this.

And probably this

By now you may have guessed that this website is not about Cannabis, edibles, CBD, or anything else of that nature. But still you should stick around.


There are some important things happening right now.

Not only that, but this.

Oh, did somebody not tell you that communism meant destroying the family? If you don’t believe me just listen to this guy say it in plain English that the government’s “contact tracing army” will decide who lives where whether you like it or not.

Also have you seen “Plandemic” yet?

There is only one solution:

Vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.

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